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How to Make Gel Candles as Gifts

When a loved-one or any special person celebrates a memorable day of his or her life, gifts would always be at the top list. Gifts may vary from the simple greeting cards to the most luxurious car. Does the cost matter? It does but it does not matter the most. As always said, it is the “thought” that counts.
Though for most people the tag price of your present may “tickle the spine”, it is beyond denial that a “personal” touch expresses more sincerity for the receiver. Your creativity plus a few tips from us would make that special person feel extra special because of your own custom gel candles.

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!. Prepare the following materials:

• Ceramic containers like mugs or any fancy-shaped figurine that could hold the candle wax when melted and cooled. Glasses are also great.
• Gel wax,
• Candle wicks 
• Pencils 
• Pot (for melting wax) 
• Candle scent and color (non alcohol-base)
• Sharp scissors 

2. With the use of a pencil, twine the wick around it but leave some of the wick free that it could reach the bottom part of the candle container. It must be straight down the center of the container.

3. Put the pencil with the twined wick on top of the container; allow the wick to hang down the center of the container. As what the directions tell, melt the wax by cutting them into cubes first to hasten the melting.

4. Add color and scent but make sure that they will not make the wax cloudy.

5. After the melting, pour the gel wax into the container you have prepared. Fill the container but set a limit. Before getting to the next step, make sure that the wax turned gel fully cools down. 

6. Check out the wick if it really takes the focal point of the container.

7. Trim the wick to ¼ of its total length.

8. You could tie a ribbon around it or stick a piece of fancy paper with a special message or a mini-picture of the receiver. Give it with the purest sincerity.
As you follow these quick and easy steps, you could unravel both the artist and entrepreneur in you. This way of preparing gifts would tickle your resourcefulness and creativity. Moreover, it may be an initiation of your new business specializing in candles. They are making it big on the market today.