Learn To Crochet Quickly And Easily

Learning to crochet has never been easier! The Learn To Crochet - Quickly and Easily eBook teaches you the basic methods of crochet, including abbreviations used in crochet, basic crochet stitches, fancy crochet stitches, changing colors in crochet, crocheting for left-handed people and caring for your crocheted articles! 

Learn To Crochet Quickly And Easily

Table Of Contents:

Abbreviations Used in Crochet
General Information
Basic Crochet Stitches
Fancy Crochet Stitches
Changing Color in Crochet
For The Left Handed
Care of Your Crochet Articles
Irish Crochet And How To Make It
Materials For Working
Explanation Of Stitches
Lesson for Beginners
Motifs for Irish Crochet

Learn To Crochet Quickly And Easily is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is "Adobe Reader" or "Acrobat eBook Reader" which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not have it installed on your computer, Please Click here to get the software. They are both Free.

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